Honesty is a damn hard word…

truthHonesty is defined as, “upright and fair”.  In other words it is dealing with people or things in an “upright and fair” manner.

Why is this so damn hard?

Why does the Church absolutely suck at this?

Now there are some of you that are worried that I said the word “damn” and honestly I don’t care.  I am dealing with you in a fair and upright manner.  If you don’t like it then you can click out of the blog and ignore the very insightful and challenging material (am I dealing with my material honestly…) because I may have used a word that you don’t approve of.  This is a disease among us in the church.  Honesty is something that, quite honestly, we don’t know what to do with because we have been taught in a dishonest manner.

Let me give you an example.  I know of a mega-church here in the Tulsa area that encourages it attendees to not patronize restaurants that serve alcohol.  This at its very core, is well, dishonest.  If there is something we don’t agree with then we cut them out of our world.  Like a well skilled surgeon, that cuts out the cancer.  The problem with this is that they are not being honest about what they are communicating.

Here is what i mean…Jesus had no problem hanging out with those that did not agree with Him or spending time with people who lived their lives in a manner that may have been careless or destructive.  He was not the skilled surgeon that cut those heathens out of his life, rather he hung out with them.  He ate with them (this was a big freaking deal because if you ate with someone, that meant that you approved of them).  He laughed with them, and probably laughed at their dirty jokes.  He touched the untouchable and loved the traitors.  Churches are not being honest with their congregants when they give them terrible advice like this.  Is everyone asleep?  Is anyone reading their own damn Bibles?

Do they not see dichotomy here?

What this mentality does is build very large churches that have very legalistic and weird people that no longer have the capacity to relate to the world. Now these people think that they are the protectors of TRUTH and their job is to point out what they deem good and bad.  There is a word for this…Pharisee, or a less “churchy” word would be hypocrite.   They would be the ones looking at Jesus and saying, “hey, you can’t do that!”  Honestly, since we are talking about honesty, Jesus would not be accepted in most churches today.  He would be too much of a rebel.  Too risky and too worldly.


If we say that Jesus is “The Way and The Truth and The Life” then we need to act like it.  You can now take this principle and plug it into just about every hot topic within the church whether it is gay marriage, kicking out the Boy Scouts, or something as benign as listening to secular music.  We now have mega-churches full of weird ass people that would not follow Jesus if he strolled through Tulsa today.

What’s the point here for all of us.  We need to deal “honestly” with us and our station in the world.  We need to love the way Jesus loved, act the way Jesus acts and leave the rest of it behind.  Because when Jesus said follow him, He said very harsh things like, “let the dead bury themselves”, meaning that to follow Him you need to leave certain things behind in the rear view mirror.

Right now the church needs to leave behind its PRIDE, ARROGANCE AND STUBBORNNESS.  We have the “older brother” syndrome.

So honestly, I ask you, what do you need to leave behind?  What is keeping you from being a true apprentice of Jesus?  Figure it out and drop it like its hot!

Until next time…

Crappy Pastor


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