God, Hard Work and Rascal Flats


How many of you love music?

How many of you love to go and see live music?

I love live music of all kinds!  For me, I can cross all boundaries in my love for the beat, meter and cadence of MUSIC!!

Saturday night my wife and I attended the Rascal Flats concert. The band to open for Rascal Flats was The Band Perry.  It was a sold out show at the BOK Center and my wife and I were ready to have some good old redneck fun, when on my second over priced beer (you would think we were drinking gold!) I could feel the pull of God on my heart.

Now God was the last thing on my mind. My wife looked hot in this pretty dress and the beer was yummy, but last thing I was looking for was a conversation with God.  Honestly, isn’t that how He works!  “Hey, let’s chat while you are enjoying your evening!”

So, Brittain, God and myself watched the Band Perry kick butt!!  I am pretty sure that God was as proud of their performance as I was.  These kids are out living their dreams and after all is that not the very BEST compliment you can give God?  To live your life like it matters.


They went off stage and we went and grabbed another beer as we all waited for Rascal Flats.  Now, lets move this story along.  Rascal Flats came out and it was pretty typical.  Major glitz and glam, a moving stage, and a 60 ft screen behind them with lots of smoke.  I was like most others in the room, simply enjoying the show when God tapped me on my heart and asked me, “What is most important here?”

I was not in the frame of mind for God conversations and quiet frankly, it has felt like He has avoided me over the past two weeks.  But NOW, in the middle of the concert, he wants to chat with me?


So, I placed myself in that posture of listening, looking and learning. I started to ask myself the questions. What is God trying to point out? What is He saying? And that still small voice, that can only be God, started pointing out something that we all need to remember.

Through all of the glitz and glam I could sense that God wanted to remind me of some very important truths.  I felt like he was asking me, “When you remove all of the glitz, glam and effects, what is the true essence of the Rascal Flats?”


The Rascal Flats are where they are now because they are simply great songwriters.  They cared more about writing great songs than they did about anything else.  All of the stuff you saw there that night came after they honed their craft. They had to work years behind closed doors learning to play and write great music.  While everyone else was out having fun they were becoming great musicians.

Here is the kicker, The Band Perry are great songwriters too.  But they are still paying the price to be great.  They get up every night and sweat it out on stage, converting one fan at a time as they play in arenas all over the country.  Not only are they grinding it out night after night, they are working MUCH harder than the Rascal Flats are at this point in their careers.

When The Band Perry had finished, they ultimately had to work much harder with much less stage, sound and special effects because those things were reserved for the Rascal Flats. Rascal Flats HAS already proved themselves.  Rascal has grinded it out night after night and are now enjoying the benefits of their hard work.

When Perry was finished they were drenched in sweat and exhaustion.  When Rascal finished they still looked fresh and ready to go.  You see, they did not have to work as hard because they had all of the extra stuff surrounding their music to draw you in.

Now you may be asking what is the point?  Why are you blogging about God chatting with you at a country music concert?

I think that this is the point for ALL of us.  

You will not get instant success just because you are one of God’s children.  Don’t be lazy.  God has rigged this world where “the rain and sun fall on both the just and the unjust”.  God is not going to GIVE you what you want just because you are a Jesus follower. Get out and work hard and leave the rest up to Him.

I know that this may be a shocker for some but God is perfectly okay with you doing nothing with your life.  You can be the next big thing or you could be one of the millions of people that go through this world and make relatively no impression on it at all.

So, which are you?

What God is more interested in, is your heart.  How you love?  How you laugh?  How you help others?  How you love others?

If you want to be the next big thing, then you better get to work.  You will need to grind it out like the rest of us. But if you want to be successful, the way God measures success, then find ways to love those that are in your life right now, while you become the best you can be.  To put it another way, LOVE others in the moments of TODAY, while you are grinding it out for tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see what God says at the Nine Inch Nails concert!!!

Till next time,

Crappy Pastor


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