What Miley Cyrus and Church Leadership Have In Common


Well I’m guessing that unless you live in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan you probably have seen Miley Cyrus “twerk” her little hips off.  Yawn…did I just say something?

Oh yes, I was talking about a young girl that is confused, weak minded and lacking a compass.  You know the kind of compass I am talking about (we all have them internally lodged somewhere between your “baby maker” parts and your chest) and they are used to help guide each one of us.  This particular compass is a compass that we will call self-awareness and it is always supposed to point towards relevance (true north) and Miley’s is..well, uhmm..BROKEN!!!

The only thing more UNINTERESTING than watching Miley get her freak on is having to listen to the lazy and uninspiring “spiritual leaders” (of the evangelical movement) rant and rave about Miley twirking.  Yawn…sorry but this blog post is wearing me out.

Ok, lets cut through the crap and say out loud what many of us are thinking.  BREATH…ok here it goes…Miley Cyrus and much of the today’s church leadership have MORE in common with one another that either party would ever care to admit.

What does this mean?  Well it’s not their value system that they share but rather they both are experiencing an identity crisis.  When you don’t know WHO you are, you do things that are well…unoriginal, uncreative and confusing.  You become so desperate for acceptance that you act in ways that are counterintuitive to what you are trying to accomplish.  The other unfortunate fact is that when you have an identity crisis you surround yourself with “yes” people.  This particular fact is the one that really gets you in trouble.

Miley has surrounded herself with people that tell her what she wants to hear.  These people most often do not have her best interest at heart.  They are ticks and leaches that want to cash in a quick return and as a consequence her brand starts to diminish.  Another way of saying this is that she is not protecting her “brand” and we do not know who Miley Cyrus TRULY is.

When a person reaches icon status there are certain truths that pop up and become threads that hold them together, these commonalities are shared by ALL icons and they become their “compass” that leads them to true north.

Let’s take a look at a few icons; Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Batman, Mohammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln.  This list can go on and on but you start to realize that they are the exception and not the rule.

True icons intuitively know how to brand themselves.  To say this another way, true icons know WHO they are and WHAT they want to accomplish.  The best part about this is that if you ask anyone what a particular icon stands for they generally don’t fumble around looking for descriptive words.  Everyone generally knows what they stand for and what they want to accomplish.

This is where we can start to tie all of this together.  Miley Cyrus and church leadership share one common thread and it is not a good one.  Neither one understands who they are or what they want to accomplish.  I don’t think that I need to explain Miley and how lost she is, we saw that at the MTV Music Awards but church leadership will need a little unpacking.

If I were to go and ask people that don’t go to church, don’t want to go to church and they think it is a complete waste of time what it means to be a; Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Evangelical, non-denominational, Charismatic, Catholic your answers will all over the freakin board.  Each has their own version of who Jesus is and what He means to them.  Each denomination will swear to you that they have the REAL truth about Jesus and what He stood for.  This creates schizophrenia of sorts and the overall “brand” of Christianity becomes lost.

Standing against something is not the same as standing for something.  I learned this one the hard way.  All of those names that I mentioned above are known what they are stand FOR and not what they stand against.  Its almost as if you know what they are against by WHAT THEY ARE FOR!  True icons know how to relate their message and their vision to the masses and the best part is they know how that vision CONNECTS to every individual.

Church leadership is not known for what they stand for and I can prove it.  Jesus is the ultimate icon that stands for acceptance, benevolence, standing up for the small guy, and tolerance.  You tell me how standing against homosexuality, abortion, censorship or same sex marriage has anything to do with the adjectives that describe Jesus.  Now the argument could be made that some of these things are considered immoral by the teachings of the Bible but what did Jesus focus on?  Jesus was DANGEROUS and he was dangerous because he got in the middle of all of the shit with people.  I mean down in the trenches.  Church leadership doesn’t do this.  They separate themselves from ANYONE that thinks differently from them.

Jesus would not separate himself from others because they thought differently.  Look at his disciples, one in particular.  Matthew the tax collector was considered a traitor, trash and was quiet possibly an atheist.  Jesus not only hung out with Matthew but he brought him into his inner circle!  Another one of Jesus disciples was called the “zealot”.  This means that he was a political radical that was on the fringe.  You see, Jesus was able to see through their perspectives and ideas and LOVE them with no strings attached.  The consequences of this activity were a group of men and women that changed the whole damn world.  In the end, they were all on the same page, singing the same tune but it sure didn’t start out that way.

So what is the point?  I think that we all need to examine WHO we think we are and WHAT we think we stand for.  We need to carefully examine our lives and how we live them instead of outsourcing it to a preacher behind a pulpit.  We need to carefully examine how we live out our lives because IT MATTERS!

Ask some people today what they think your particular church stands for.  Ask some people today what you stand for.  You might be surprised by the answer if they feel safe enough to shoot straight with you.

So, as church leadership and Miley Cyrus are “twerking” their little hips off people are standing by and watching and asking questions.  They are looking for the REAL Jesus and many of them are giving up on him because of us.

Till next time,

Crappy Pastor


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