It’s All Blue Skies From Here!



“It’s all blue skies from here”.  Have you ever heard this before?  It’s one of those tired clichés that reminds me of the movie Office Space, “You having a case of the Monday’s?”  Clichés are there for people when they don’t know what else to say.  Sometimes in life you just don’t have the energy to express yourself, usually do to three little monsters that eat of all your food and ransack your house like Attila The Hun.  So, being able to fire off a cliché is well…easy. 

However, easy is not always good.  Sometimes we must force ourselves to go deeper.  There is a lady that works in one of my children’s day care centers and when I arrive in the morning it is often weird to hear her talk.  Here is what I mean; “Magnificent Monday, Fabulous Friday, Wonderful Wednesday!”  Clichés are what you say when you don’t what to say and to top it off you get the “BE BLESSED”, as if we have a choice.  WE ARE ALL blessed so don’t use religious weirdisms…please! 

So I think that we all know what “It’s all blue skies from here” means.  It means that things are looking “up”; the future is bright and insert any other cliché you would like (I am tired this morning so don’t think less of me).  Today I was running through downtown Tulsa and just taking in the beauty of Tulsa and reflecting how much I love living here when I noticed just how pretty and blue the sky was.  Why did God make the skies blue of all the colors he could choose?  So I dug around a little bit and this is what I found. 

The ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures practiced Chromotherapy.  Chromotherapy is the use of colors to heal the body, mind and spirit.  Here are some facts about the color blue:

1)   Blue was believed to sooth illnesses and treat pain.

2)   Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity, and is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly.

3)   Blue can lower blood pressure and body temperature.

4)   Blue is a favorite color among many but blue is preferred most by men.

5)   Companies prefer the color blue because people are more productive in blue rooms.

6)   Anecdotal evidence has suggested that installing blue covered street lights can lead to a reduction in crime in these areas (lets put some of these at 61st and Peoria pleeeeease!!!). 

Now here is what I noticed on my run.  The two most predominant colors in spring, summer are blue and green but blue is available all year long.  I mean you can’t ignore the fact that the sky is pretty BIG and when it is really blue, you just want to stay outside and enjoy the day.

God doesn’t do anything by mistake.  I believe that everything has a place and a purpose.  I see this taught throughout scripture and think there is a lesson to learn here about how we interact with God and nature. 

God is continually calling man to do things like BELIEVE, TRUST, LOVE AND HOPE.  It turns out that He even creates our environment to help spark these ideas within our heart.  You see, you cannot BELIEVE, TRUST LOVE AND HOPE without having a foundation of peace, order, serenity and calmness.  It is virtually impossible to attain solid belief or trust in something without a sense of order and peace. Many of us just need to get out of our cubicles more and look up a lot!!

One of things that I have to fight more than anything is my sense of belief.  I suck at remaining calm and peaceful because I continually believe the wrong things.

When you believe the wrong things like, “my life sucks”, or “things will never get better”, or the really uplifting “things are going so well, something bad is bound to happen”.  These thoughts erode our faith and tear at our soul.  

In the book of John,  Jesus is having a conversation with his followers and they asked him what it is that they are supposed to be doing?  Often, the continual desire to “DO” for God and His Kingdom rapes so much of our faith.  Even worse, our spiritual leaders give us an exhausting list of things “good Christians” should be doing.  To top it all off, if you are listening to more than one pastor (which you SHOULD BE DOING!) then you become schizophrenic by all of the crap we are supposed to be doing and eventually you just give up. “Can I get an amen?”  I couldn’t resist!!

Anyways, Jesus makes it very simple for his followers.  He narrows it down to what they truly need to be doing.  He said, “YOU are to believe in me and the One that sent me.”  Seems simple, right?  God knows that out of all of his creations, humans can complicate and screw things up better and quicker than anything else.  Keep it simple stupid (zing…another cliché). 

Our mission (as pertaining to our personal lives) is to Believe, Trust, Love and Hope and this is OUR responsibility.  I call it the Gospel of Personal Responsibility.  It is your job and my job to look up and see the blue sky and Believe, Trust, Love and Hope that Jesus has it all taken care of, especially when the old preverbal shit has hit the fan!  It is our struggle as men and women to get ourselves into a posture of “blue”, a posture of peace, order, serenity and calmness, and the only way that we can even possibly do this is to meditate on God’s truths, and live balanced lives (we suck at this as Americans). We need to be sharing our lives with others, serving others and in turn this helps us start to BELIEVE the right things.

We are asked to look up at the blue skies in our lives and be thankful, grateful and hopeful, especially when we do not feel that way. 

The question that we must be asking ourselves is, “How do I create blue skies in my life”?  How do I surround myself with people that will help promote peace, order, serenity and calmness”?  “Who and what do I need to carve out of my life to move towards blue skies?” 

This is your job and this is my job.  We must create blues skies in our lives so we can hear God. 

 Trust God. 

Love God. 

Hope in God. 

This IS the Gospel of Personal Responsibility.  I guess it is all blue skies after all!

Till next time, 

Crappy Pastor


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